Book Buzz | West Manchester Twp. writer Pattie Crider wins award at Philly conference

Thank you Sarah Chain and the York Daily Record for the interview.  The print edition is scheduled for next Sunday, June 23rd.

Book Buzz | West Manchester Twp. writer Pattie Crider wins award at Philly conference. <-Click Here  


Dumb smoking law

The smoking ban on public housing property has been enacted to law.  If you live in or are visiting someone who receives rent assistance, you must be 25 feet from the rented property to smoke.

This new law doesn’t infringe on anyone’s rights.  There is no right to smoke in a rental home, it is a privilege.  The government isn’t trying to get people on assistance to quit smoking….it is a fire hazard thing.

I get that.  It’s all over the front paper of the York Sunday News and I’m sure most people understand.  When I smoked, I found it annoying when you couldn’t smoke in a bar.  Now that I don’t smoke, it is nice not to be choked with smoke while out for the night.

Here is what I don’t get: “Smokeless tobacco still will be permitted, but electronic cigarettes will be banned.”

Spitting in a cup or on the ground is still ok (Thank God spittoons are a thing of the past) but you can’t puff on flavored water vapors that are completely harmless to everyone?  I had a professor who smoked vapors in the classroom and no one even blinked.  (I did do a double take though.)

So the harmless (it is harmless right?) smoking activity is banned as if it were the same habit that causes cancer, fire, yellow teeth, etc. and spitting is still a disgusting habit that can take place in public housing.

What kind of sense doesn’t that make?


Why the parking lot at Dover Valley is always empty

// // //       Ate there one time.  Never returned.  Restaurant Impossible needed in Dover, PA.                                                                                              //

State     health inspections for Feb. 23

Daily Record/Sunday     News

Updated: 02/23/2012     11:51:30 AM EST

— Dover Valley     Restaurant, Dover Township.


— The person in charge     does not have adequate knowledge of food safety in the restaurant as     evidenced by this non-compliant inspection.

— During the     inspection, the inspector spotted an open employee’s beverage container in     a food preparation and a can opener and slicer that each had food residue     and was not clean to sight and touch.

— A food handler     touched a raw hamburger with gloves and did not remove the gloves and wash     his hands.

— Raw beef stored over     ready to eat foods.

— All refrigerator     door handles are not clean to sight and touch.

— 0 PPM sanitizer in     the wiping cloth bucket.

— Flour used to bread     raw chicken has clumps and not being sifted every four hours to remove the     clumps.

— Wiping cloth     sanitizer level was more than 500 PPM.

Food observed thawing     at room temperature on the back table, which is not an approved     thawingmethod.

— Observed wet wiping     cloths not being store in sanitizer solution.

Company comment:     Company could not be reached for comment.


Sharing the News

Today I attended the York Daily News writer’s workshop.  I highly recommend this workshop for anyone who is interested in having the opportunity to share local news through YDR and the York Sunday News.  The next workshop offered is in November.

This workshop encourages the community to share upcoming events for local clubs, organizations and businesses.  Pictures are highly encouraged as they grab reader’s attention first and draw them in to read the accompanying article.

There were three main speakers at the workshop:

Randy Parker (News managing Editor)

Joan Concilio (Weekly Record Editor)

 Buffy Andrews (Assistant Managing Editor)

They offered suggestions of what they are looking for and how it should be submitted to the newspaper for print. 

YDR is looking for your stories in York County to share with their readers.  Anything that is of interest is welcome to be submitted.  If your church is having a rummage sale, scout troop is holding a car wash, a chicken barbecue, etc. they will share the information through one forum or another.  Think of this as a “free advertising” opportunity!

Also accepted are sporting events, listing for clubs, support groups, museums, college and military news.  The York Daily Record wants to share anything that you feel is news.  They have numerous news outlets such as Your News, Lifestyle, Yorkblog, FlipSide Magazine and more.

Here’s your chance to get your news out.  Don’t hold back, they want to hear from you!

Just reportin,


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