Hairless and Chinese~Ying

Ying is insensitive, pushy, and enjoys licking his ass and balls.  He steals any food left setting within his reach.  Everything is an obstacle for him to jump.  He is sneaky, opening the door and escaping at every opportunity.  He enjoys rolling in the dirt or grass immediately after getting a bath.  His gas is deadly and he snores and bites.  He was also born on my 38th birthday which makes him special….real special.  ~P.

Posing for the camera….click on the first pictures to open the gallery.

It wasn’t King Solomon, it was the landlord

Such attention!

It wasn’t King Solomon, it was my landlord.  And there wasn’t a baby involved, but a dog.

I knew something was up when he called and left a message, then called again a few hours later.  I didn’t recognize his phone number and was too busy voting to take a call.

He is a wise landlord.  Don’t tell anyone in the neighborhood or at the office that he is evicting my dog Ying.  When I call in protest, he tells me to find out who has a problem with my dog.

I found out that things didn’t add up with the information written in my letter that I showed all but three residents.  I learned that three of her six people that backed the charges of my dog being a nuisance to the neighborhood recanted with personal calls to the landlord himself.

Did these people even sign their names?  Beats me.

Do I care?  No, because my plan of action was no action.  Sometimes that is the most effective and efficient then going off the deep end or seething in anger.  There was no way my dog was leaving me.  The landlord even knew.   But my calling his bluff as he wanted, certainly brought out the truth.

The yards are everyone’s yards.  Get along, talk nice, mind your own business.

I think the message was made clear.  This was his first yard-feud that almost caused “a dog to be collateral damage” as he referred to Ying.  I personally thought of it as a “shit showdown” or “to poo or not to poo, but where is the question?”

Life is never dull and I’m glad this shit is over.


A dog day weekend worth

So I’m really enjoying my photography class.  I have lined-up some models (a nude included) to work on my portrait photos.  While I’m doing that, I’m also taking pictures with my digital camera.  For shits and giggles ya know?

Wow, my SD card has 86 pictures on it!  Time to load them and see what I have as blog material photos.  The pictures are anything from me goofing off experimenting, pictures of the kids and some shots arranged for artistic appeal.

Ying is a great model.  Such expression and depth in his photo shoot.   🙂



Damn tan lines

Sweater season is over!!

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