Delauter/Crider ~Custody Order

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What is court?

I had made a promise to Tesla back when the original custody agreement was made (2009) that I would tell her if anything changed.  I said, “It’s not for you to worry about.  If anything changes I will let you know.  In the meantime you will still spend half you time with Daddy and half with me.”  On numerous occasions Tesla told me she wanted to live with me during the week.  School had not started at this point and where she was going to start school was decided by a court hearing.  The decision was she would go to school from the marital residence where her dad is living.

About 2 months pass….

Yesterday the decision of custody was determined.  Tesla would be in primary care of her father and mother will have visitation every other weekend.  Arrangements for other visitation times will have to be agreed upon by John and I.  I have faith he will allow Tesla and I to share time together without hesitation.  We already agreed on how the rest of this week would go without even raises our voices.  Progress achieved already!  I truely believe the two of us can work out something between us so I get as much time with Tesla as Tesla would like considering, she didn’t get to live with the parent of her choice.

I also believe the person who will make this new custody agreement the most difficult will be Heather.  Even though she is of no relation to Tesla and will not be any relation soon, she feels the need to put in her opinion, jab, critique and nonsense freely,  as if she has that right.  It would much easier to speak to John without Heather involved.  I don’t involve Dale with decisions concerning Tesla so I don’t understand why John allows Heather such involvement.  Besides being my husband’s girlfriend, I don’t believe Heather is particulary intelligent and I don’t agree with her parenting style.  (Which seems to be just let John handle everything her kids need before and after school)

As promised, I talked to Tesla about the change of custody.  She asked what court was and I explained how a judge in the courthouse decided she should live with her dad during the week and I would see her every other weekend.  She immediately began to insist the judge could’t make her stay with her dad all week.  I explained that the judge did have the power to make this happen but her dad and I will work together to make sure Tesla and I still see each other regularly.

I also explained that over the summer, she would live with dad for a week, then with me for a week.  She thought that over a little bit and said, “I want to live with you now.”  I told her that I understand she is upset and disappointed and that I felt the same way but we have to do what the judge said.  I also told her that the judge said custody can always change in the future.

Her and I both agreed to try our best with the new custody order.  I told her I want her to be happy and that is what is most important to me.  If at some point there is a legitimate reason to request a change in custody, I will do so.  For now, we will deal with what the law states.  You never know what may happen in the future that may lead to a custody change.

Me ~n~ TT are good,


P.S.  Yes, I am disappointed I wasn’t awarded majority custody.  Will that make me lay down, shed tears and curl up in a corner?  Hell no!  I will spend time with Tesla and Dale and work hard at college….and my future book, “I used to drive a Mercedes.”

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