What do cops know?

Suddenly, my blog has become a hot topic concerning “who knows what about whos past” and “let’s have a judging session here on the Internet for the world to enjoy.”


I know John loves Tesla and I will not deny him time with her when I do get custody.  I’m the opposite of him and he knows it.  He just doesn’t want to share her.  I knew he would do this if he was awarded custody.  Possibly even Tesla knew if she lived with her dad there would be “difficulties” in seeing her mom.

The judge didn’t spell out everything because; John is supposed to have the responsibility to make sure Tesla spends time with her mother.

LaDonna forgets the judge said, “If this were based on attitude Mr. Delauter, you would lose because you have a bad attitude.”  She also said, “Ms. Crider, you are a good mother and I believe you have a good man in Mr. Hollinger.  Mr. Delauter, you are a good father.  This is not about who the better parent is, but where it is best for Tesla to reside.”  (note Heather’s name wasn’t even raised)

Will the judge think it is best for Tesla to reside with John after all this?  We shall see.

John had no response to why Heather was calling me at 10 PM to tell me how she is going to ruin my life.  Heather honey, John is doing just fine on his own.

Heck, the Lower Township Police said, “He’s not trying to ruin your life, he already did.”    Hey cop…you don’t know jackshit.

My life is just starting again.


She’s “like” a stepmom, but still the girlfriend


My daughter and I are setting up her “yard sale special” toys of the day, also included is the $5 stuffed dalmatian puppy she bought with her $2 and Mom’s donation of $3.29.  Now Tesla is practicing and showing amazing improvements, in her photography skills.  Ying also makes an excellent subject for this photo opportunity.

Dog obedience class

We love doing things together, one on one.  She feels so good when we are giggling at silly songs, making play-doh animals and baking brownies.  Tesla loves being the center of attention and her time with me always puts her, spot on.  She is the only child at my house and she knows this. 

Ying and my $5 "new to me" VCR

The current issue is where Tesla falls in at her dads.  Heather, John’s girlfriend, wants Tesla to view her as a “step-mom” figure as they all live under the same roof.  That roof also happens to have my name on the deed.  Tesla is going to school from that address, against my wishes.  Why do I have an issue with Tesla going to school at Eastern?  Because I don’t live there anymore and one way or another I want my name severed from John’s.  Severed, as not slowly rotting away, fraying and twisting until it snaps.  The cart is put before the horse in assuming John’s permanant residence will remain at our house.

Note the chocolate pudding lips

So there is Heather, living at my house and attending every function of Tesla’s life as a “step-mom” figure, yet she is the girlfriend.  She has been acting as the “step-mom” since February of this year and moved in full-time on March 11, 2011.  Keep in mind the previous, previous girlfriend who had lived in my house also, had just moved out on October 7, 2010.  At least one woman in-between that I met was named Shirley.  I didn’t see much of her but John seemed to have her car on a regular basis.  Better on gas, I’m sure.

Anyway, back to Heather. She is volunteering in Tesla’s Kindergarten class at school.  I haven’t even had a chance to volunteer, yet she has jumped right in there.  She may very well only have good intentions but come on, give Momma a break here.  Heather has 4 children of her own.  She can volunteer in their classes.

Tesla asked me today if I was her mom!  I told her “yes, sweetie, I’ll always be your mom” and didn’t question her why she might think I wouldn’t be.


I carried her for nine months, lost consciousness during birth, came back from the fuzzy clouds and still pushed her out.

No doubts here,


P.S. Tesla has no idea that I know Heather helped in her classroom and I have no intentions of mentioning it to her.

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