Duh, it’s court ordered!!!

I just finished trying to talk to the future ex husband.  It ended in a yelling match with me hanging up on him, again.  There is no talking to this man.  After repeatedly texting him to find out if he has or is going to pay some money towards his support, I had to resort to calling him.  I HATE calling him.  I don’t want to have to talk to this dreadful man!

Yesterday was bad enough meeting the new girlfriend but then he has the audacity to tell me he’s not paying anymore child support.  Why?  Because I claimed Tess on my taxes.  He never files his taxes early, but I saw no reason to wait.  He is furious that I claimed Tess on my taxes for last year because I claimed her the year before.  Nothing is written in our divorce on who legally can claim her.  Why isn’t it written in?  Because the divorce proceedings haven’t even started yet other than he filed on 10/09/08.

My lawyer said let him know you’re claiming Tess, so I did and Jhole left me a NASTY message that I of course, saved.  Then today, as my checking account begins to dwindle, he says he’s not paying anything until after this upcoming (mid-March) hearing.  This hearing is just over support, not custody.  John intends to sue me for custody by the time school starts.   Now anyone could tell John that he HAS to pay his support no matter what he thinks because…Duh!  It’s court ordered!

John claims he doesn’t have the money to pay support anymore…

 REALLY?  How do you manage to have so many girlfriends then?  In my eyes I see it like this:  John+girlfriend=my support money used in his search of a new wife!

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