Playing with fire

The flame doesn’t burn bright.

More like a flicker, spit and sputter of a wet wick.

It had in the past…bright, hot and passionate.

That fire burned fast and uncontrolled, letting a heap of ash.

I brush myself off.  Hold my head high.  Burned, but not burned out.

Sept 11, 2004

It was a fateful fall day back in 2004. I was out exercising by taking a walk through Red Lion, PA. The sky was sunny and I was breaking a sweat walking up RT 24 towards Cape Horn Shopping Center in Dallastown. As I broke the top of the hill I looked down upon Dallastown and the flurry of traffic coming and going. While i took a few minutes to catch my breath i called my bbf, Jean and wished her a happy birthday. She was in the middle of gambling in Atlantic City, a trip I desperately wanted to go on. All our close friends were going, Scott, Malinda, Bob, Kim and Dave. But, I was a single mom of two and couldn’t justify gambling. We chatted just a few more minutes and I turned around to head back home and Jean went back to gambling. I had a few things to get done by noon and one of them was running my sons back out to Cape Horn to go to Blockbuster Video.

That trip to Blockbuster to return “The Punisher” on Sept. 11,2004 changed my life forever!!! Little did I know, I was meeting “The Punisher” and would become his next victim for 7 plus years.

Next blog….Blockbuster:slightly damaged selection

Redneck Art

What bored rednecks do at the bridge
“Sex, Love and guns”

Really, not much to blog about on this.  Pretty self-explanatory:Rednecks get bored at the bridge.

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