“Who is this?!”

As Jhole insists, I make Tesla call him before bed.  Just like tonight I said “call Daddy before SpongeBob comes on.”  I go ahead and dial, then hand her the phone.  Heather answers, as I suspected she would.  Tesla says “Who is this?  You’re not my dad!” 

“It’s Heather,” Heather says. 

Hmmmm… Heather must be a little slow on getting the picture.  Why would she WANT to answer her new boyfriends phone when his daughter is calling.  Adding to insult, Tesla has no idea who she is and Tesla informed me she didn’t want to have to talk to Heather.  I feel her pain, except of course I’m an adult.  I already know Heather isn’t going to be around for long.  When she realizes what she is a pawn in a game, she will leave.  Unless she’s really that slow. 

Why is she constantly in my home?  Who is she and what is wrong with her that she wants my husband?  Why does she think we need to talk? 

Sister, you can have the man.  But, Tesla is MY daughter and I don’t have to share her with every woman John is trying to hook up with.  He has no business running women in and out of Tesla’s life just so he “has somebody” to be in love with at the moment.

Divorce is painful enough, does it have to include causing your child pain also?  Get a divorce first, then find someone new.   Otherwise, you’re no role model for anyone’s child, much then yet, your own!!!

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