You’re Fuckin Up Our Lives, Dude

She won’t eat.

She won’t eat at the table.

Is it just you and her at the table?

Why does that matter?

It Matters!

No it’s not just her and I eating at the table.

Well maybe that’s why.

What difference would that make?

Because she doesn’t want to eat dinner at the table with a different family all the time!

Because she doesn’t want to call you anymore.

Because she doesn’t talk about you or whoever you’re with anymore.



She doesn’t want to call you.

She doesn’t want to see you.

She doesn’t want to live with you.

She doesn’t want you telling her what she must do.

How I see it

Not to be harsh

She’s folded her hand with you.

She’s done.

Put her first.

Stop with the money.

Stop with the custody.

Stop with the house.

Stop with the business.

Stop with women!

She’s tired of your bullshit too.

You’re fucking up our lives, Dude!

Move ON!!!!!



Footnotes:Don’t you miss the days when slamming down a phone with an actual cord gave you a sense of satisfaction?

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