Kick in the gut


I wanted to believe while John and I were together he was faithful to me.  Never once did I ever cheat on him or even think about having an affair.  During our marriage he swore he would never cheat on me and even after he filed for divorce he stuck to his story that he never had cheated on me.

So it was a kick in the gut tonight to learn that once again, he lied to my face.  I guess I shouldn’t be surprised as he cheated on his first wife, cheated on his last girlfriend back in October ’10 and as I learned tonight, he cheated on me while we were still “happily married.”  Some people just can’t be faithful….

So, call me gullible…because I certainly was.  Now I just stockpile all this information for my day in court.  This divorce can not come soon enough!


“Who is this?!”

As Jhole insists, I make Tesla call him before bed.  Just like tonight I said “call Daddy before SpongeBob comes on.”  I go ahead and dial, then hand her the phone.  Heather answers, as I suspected she would.  Tesla says “Who is this?  You’re not my dad!” 

“It’s Heather,” Heather says. 

Hmmmm… Heather must be a little slow on getting the picture.  Why would she WANT to answer her new boyfriends phone when his daughter is calling.  Adding to insult, Tesla has no idea who she is and Tesla informed me she didn’t want to have to talk to Heather.  I feel her pain, except of course I’m an adult.  I already know Heather isn’t going to be around for long.  When she realizes what she is a pawn in a game, she will leave.  Unless she’s really that slow. 

Why is she constantly in my home?  Who is she and what is wrong with her that she wants my husband?  Why does she think we need to talk? 

Sister, you can have the man.  But, Tesla is MY daughter and I don’t have to share her with every woman John is trying to hook up with.  He has no business running women in and out of Tesla’s life just so he “has somebody” to be in love with at the moment.

Divorce is painful enough, does it have to include causing your child pain also?  Get a divorce first, then find someone new.   Otherwise, you’re no role model for anyone’s child, much then yet, your own!!!

The Next “victim”

As usual, I parked my car at the top of my driveway waiting for Jhole to let Tess out of the house. (That’s ordered by the crooked court of Harry Ness)  Sitting at the top of the drive I saw Tess come flying out the door followed by her father.  I was busy pulling her carseat out of the trunk and when I looked up I saw Jhole had a woman following him up the drive.  I was fine with having to park at the top of our driveway, figuring I wouldn’t have to see him. 

 Not so lucky, as Jhole always seems to find a reason to come to my car.  I was pretty sure his last girlfriend that I was aware of, Shirley somebody, was out of the picture.  I knew the one before Shirley, Kelli was lone gone back in Oct 2010.  She accidentally caught him cheating on an audio tape.  She called me and left a craaaaazy voice mail about me having my husband back and the house, etc cause she caught him fucking on tape.  I don’t know who was watching our daughter while he had that afternoon delight.  

 I lost track of who all has been my replacement wife.  Hell, I started out as a replacement wife.  Never thought I would be the second wife to be disposed of.  There was a Tammy (she had me charged with harrassment…bitch!), a Pam, hell he even went after our secretary..she wisely said NO WAY!  Then Kelli who was in blind love with Jhole just as I was.  She changed everything in her life except her job (smart….I gave up my career) and put thousands of her money into Jhole and I’s home and business.  Kelli was just another sucker in love.  Shirley….don’t know what happened there and that lets Heather.  After Jhole introduced her as his girlfriend I said, “oh you’re the new girlfriend.”  Jhole didn’t like that but I didn’t care.  I was more interested in getting Tess in the car and getting the hell away from John.  His patheticness makes me want to puke everytime I am near him. 

Tess was obviously uncomfortable with the introduction of the most recent chick in his life to her mommy.  She didn’t even want to say goodbye to her dad and he had to MAKE her say goodbye to Heather.  She called Tess “sweetie and said she would see her friday.”  I held back the wretching noises…Heather has much to learn about her new boyfriend.  He will throw anyone under a bus to get what he wants.  I would know.

I changed everything for him….at his insistance.  Unfortunately, I’m stuck dealing with his bullshit for the next 14 years.  I dread the fight of custody when Tess starts school this fall.  Looks like he will force me to court to get his way.  I don’t see him winning but then again, I didn’t see still being married 2 and half years after he filed!

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