Looner Study: What I learned from liking balloons


I did an interview with Practitioner’s TV about balloons. This YouTube channel is out of Philadelphia and came to visit me to learn about what looners are and balloon & latex fetishism, based on a paper I wrote while in York College of PA in May of 2012. I agreed to the interview because I was promised the show was to promote acceptance rather then ostracize those who love balloons. The interview will be release this Thursday, June 22, 2017.

I have never shared the results of my questionnaires with anyone other than my professor and people who submitted responses and wanted to see the final thesis paper. I decided to share the paper now that the episode was coming out so people could see the full study along with the interview and the awesome song written by Dave DeHart of They & Them. Here is the link to the song he wrote based on the interview.

<https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z2qNkOfwVLU&t=179s <—–Looner theme song written by Dave about my love for balloons.

Below are the links to my thesis paper for my professional writing class. I received a perfect score though she teased me I did miss some commas. ūüôā

Complete Looner study¬† ¬†<—–PDF version

Complete Looner study¬†<—–Word Doc version

Here is the link to my YouTube channel where I enjoy making videos for other people. They’re just me being silly, and blowing up balloons, and popping them. Either you’re into watching (or hearing) them or you’re not. It’s all good. I rarely make a video anymore, but I still think balloons are awesome.



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Here’s the episode!!


There may be other links through the balloon tags on my blog site that don’t work. I had to delete tons of photos of balloons I had because I didn’t have space. ūüė¶

Bing Balloon Horse

Every now and then I like to use Bing Image search. ¬†Tonight I was curious to what Balloon Horse might produce. ¬†Here’s what I found!

No horsing around now!  ~P.

Balloons Make Me Smile

Balloon post cards from around the world!  Click on the first thumbnail to open the gallery.  Enjoy!  ~P.

Ski Round Top in the Summer Lewisberry PA

There is always activity at Ski Round Top located in Lewisberry, PA. ¬†That mountain isn’t just for skiing anymore. ¬†My stop there over the weekend was brief, just to check out what activities were available when there wasn’t snow on the ground. ¬†I liked what I saw. ¬†So did my daughter Tesla, and we have plans to make it there before school starts again for her and me.

What we found most interesting was the huge balls they were rolling down the mountain. ¬†People climb inside and go for a roll. ¬†There was screaming and screeching coming from inside the balls, but those sounds were of enjoyment. ¬†People couldn’t get back to the top fast enough to do it again!

Also included in the “Trek Ticket” is zip lines. ¬†That is second on my list to do. ¬†I’ve never zip-lined or rolled down a mountain in a ball.

I snapped a few random photos of things that caught my eye.  Enjoy by clicking the first thumbnail to open the gallery.  ~P.

Screaming Balloons – Cool Science Experiment – YouTube

Listen for the part where he asks Steve where he gets the big balloons from….

Screaming Balloons – Cool Science Experiment – YouTube.

Smell that Latex

My top 10 picks of pool toys I’d like to own (never mind I don’t have a pool) because I find them sexy. ¬†The look, the feel, the smell…it’s not cotton. ~P.

A looner pointed out that these toys are actually vinyl, which I did know, but was afraid vinyl would make people think of smelling the siding on their home.

My Bing Balloons


Why Balloons?

Balloon appeal graph¬†<——click to see what is most appealing to 50 responses of The Looner Questionnaire. ¬†Found here—–>¬†http://girlboxer1970.com/2012/02/19/looner-questionnaire/

What is it about balloons that makes some people feel more than just an urge to smile?

Balloons come in all sizes, they are colorful, soft,make noise and have a unique smell.  Balloons stimulate all the senses: touch, sight, scent, hearing and taste.

Wait, taste?  Well, lick or bite a balloon.  That smell has a taste to go with it.

What would you pop the balloons with?!

What would you pop the balloons with?!

This common object–cheap, fragile and easy to obtain–is a source of pleasure to countless numbers of people. ¬†If this confuses you, I completely understand. ¬†After a year of research in multiple degrees of involvement, interviews, and textual reading, I fully understand the interest in balloon fetishism, a community which is exploding in size. ¬†(Pardon the pun, I couldn’t resist.)

The looner community is rather secretive and the only reason is because this fetish somehow is mentally connected to pedophilia in the minds of many people, who are not stimulated by balloons .  Pedophilia is a mental illness that causes sexual attraction to children.  This is not a fetish.  Crimes are committed in the act of pedophilia.  There is no crime in being a looner, and the only negativity is that imposed by ignorant people, not willing to understand what this harmless fetish is truly about.

I need to start thinking of creative titles.  Not that publishers really let you pick your own title, but who knows.  I might get lucky.

Drop me some comments….ideas/thoughts about a looner fetish book~!

I’m a happy popper! ¬†U?


Want to read about Looners?

Hello all….I am not able to publish my paper on balloon fetishist just yet.

If I am submitting to a magazine, scholarship, competition or scholarly journal, I don’t believe I can have previously published what I submit.

That’s the bad news.

The good news is if you email me a request to my school address at pcrider@ycp.edu I will send a portion of the paper.¬† State in your email that you will not share the segment without giving credit to me and my blogsite.¬†¬†Everyone gets the same thing.¬† A preview I suppose as it’s actually not finished.¬† ūüėČ

Thank you for supporting my writing and research!   It has been awesome!!!

Loon Writer and Happy Popper,


Not a pretty driving bra

Does my bra looked stuffed? Go ahead...be honest. LOL

If I had really thought these spur-of-the-moment photos out, I would have worn a pretty driving bra.  ~P.

How to fill-out your bra:

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